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Insurtech MENA Pre-summit Get Together 2022

Have an opportunity to business network with industry leaders and co-founders from France, India, Malaysia, UAE and Qatar. Get up close and personal with founders to learn from their experience in building start-ups in their respective regions.

The summit aims to put business leaders and co-founders in the spotlight and highlight how they brought their start-up and taking risks early on. 

Start-ups on Demozone

Guest Speakers for Firechat

Lars Gehrmann

Lars Gehrmann

Group Chief Digital Officer @QIC Group I QIC Digital Venture Partners | CEO I Strategic Advisor

Maran Virumandi

Maran Virumandi

Managing Director & CoFounder of which is a leader in Malaysia’s Digital Health industry.

Moderated by

Hamad Al Amari

22nd June 2022, 1pm – 5:30pm
at Workinton M7

Registration closed